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When you say you are an ‘attorney for my deepest desires,’ I remember being in tears, while you were encouraging me to step into my full self and freely expand my range of expression. Inviting me to it even. Opening a world of possibility. Yes, Kristin, that IS what you do!”

-TS (Professional Translator)


I feel so at peace since our call yesterday. Like coming home!! Just where I want to be. I had no idea that “The Work” could be so amazing and your coaching made it come alive for me. My heart longs for more of this. If I could help others to feel the way I felt after our call yesterday it would bring joy such to my heart!     -MH (Mother, Blogger, Coach)


Wow!  That was INCREDIBLE!  I feel 20lbs lighter already and am finding myself chuckling at my own enormous expectations of others.

I was so energized and inspired by our session, I feel an intense desire to write about my experience with you to share with others.  In fact, words are already itching to flow out of my fingers to become an epic exposition!  I absolutely want to join your group!  This will be revolutionary.    -JE (Sex Educator)


 Are you ready for profound and FAST transformation?

Do you have a fire in you that is not being fully expressed?

 Do you care about things passionately (your work, your kids, your partner, this planet…) and yet sometimes feel helpless or ineffectual?

 Do you have a fear of who you might be if you knew what you really wanted?

 Do you want concrete, tangible life change that supports both you and those around you?

If so, then you already know that you have to take yourself on in order to achieve genuine transformation. So many people want to become authentic, free and effective—but it takes courage, curiosity and commitment to allow yourself to be BIG and step into a life that is more honest.

I specialize in working with people who are ready to go to the deepest roots of confusion, suffering and unrest to discover their inherent FREEDOM, JOY and FIRE, and who want to get there fast!

The most successful people have a coach who can support them to get to the life they were meant to live. If this describes you, I would love to meet.

Get your DISCOUNTED 60-minute Initial Consult for $225- JUST $47!

“When you feel in your gut what you are and then dynamically pursue it—don’t back down and don’t give up—then you’re going to mystify a lot of people.”  - Bob Dylan