Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 6.06.30 PMAbout me…

After almost 20 years of doing spiritual, inner work my life changed forever when I discovered the Work of Byron Katie in 2006.

I was in a 20-year marriage at the time and had two young children when the veils started falling from my eyes. These weren’t just blissful moments of stillness in meditation practice, but day after day in my ordinary life. As my thinking-mind began to dissolve, the world became illuminated—simpler, kinder, and at times ecstatic.


A lot of things became obvious as well: It was time to leave my marriage, start speaking the truth, offer myself to others, move back to Colorado, and stop using others as a way to know my own identity (e.g. “I am a Mom,” “I am a Psychotherapist,” or even “I am a Spiritual Practitioner”).


My life began to unravel as I had previously known it—almost everything changed. Most poignantly I had a profound heart and soul meeting with a beautiful man that irrevocably cut through some of the layers of a belief in “me.” We lived for a while on a razor’s edge of beyond-the-self bliss and merging on one side, and being torn to pieces whenever we strayed from the Truth on the other. A huge passion of mine is how romantic love can be a catalyst to profound inner transformation.


I took this journey into the unknown with my two kids in tow. Conscious parenting is my other mission in life, and as my own identity transformed theirs did as well. I became a single mom living in a trailer on food-stamps, and was deliriously happy. I finally had the space and freedom inside and out to love and be there for my children the way that I had always wanted to be.


My inner life and background—in Philosophy, Psychology and Buddhism—have now seamlessly merged with the work that I do. I love, parent, write, speak, and work with clients to accompany you on a profound path of transformation. I am interested in the “real deal,” the whole enchilada—that is, the kind of deep, lasting change that rocks your world and opens you to the beauty, brilliance and abundance that is your birth rite.

Byron Katie said, “There is a dream that’s sweeter than yours, it’s called “Reality.” That has been my experience, and I love the adventure of it!


Practically speaking, once I started living the trust I felt inside, my relationships improved dramatically, power struggles with my kids became nonexistent, and my income went from zero to as high as $8,000/month. I now lead workshops, seminars, publish, and am a guide and companion to my clients’ deepest, most magnificent soul-purposes.

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