Ways to Work with Me

I work with people who are passionate for transformation. 

If only the whole truth will do, then get started with a 60-minute Initial Consult by phone, Skype or in-person in my Boulder and Denver offices. Schedule with me at kristinluce@mac.com.


In your Initial Consult I will guide you through a profound Inquiry to discover what is most true for you, and how to live that life fully. Whether we choose to then dive into some deeper and more long-term work or not, this individual session is powerful all on its own!

What you will leave with is:

1. A PRECISE UNDERSTANDING of your obstacles to being whole, clear, connected and alive (and what it has cost you).

2. A CLEAR VISION how your life could be different immediately.

3. A PERSONALIZED PRESCRIPTION go how to live more freely and vibrantly going forward.

My usual rate for this is $225, but I am offering it now for just $47.


Dive into deep life-changing work with a 3, 6 or 12 month coaching package. This option saves you over 50% off my hourly rate!

Contact me at kristinluce@mac.com